The Suncoast Yacht Pool

Increase your yachting pleasure

The Suncoast Yacht Pool increases your yachting pleasure by making it possible to sail on different types of ships and/or in other navigation areas without incurring extra costs.

  • You are the skipper of a flatboat, but would also like to make a crossing to Lowestoft in a keelboat
  • You are the skipper of a keelboat moored in a sea harbour, but would also like to dry moor on the shallows of the Wadden Sea


  • You own a beautiful sloop in the navigational area of the river Vecht, but would also like to race on a catamaran or 
  • You are an enthusiastic catamaran sailor and would also like to enjoy sailing on the Vecht, the canals or on lakes in a sloop. 

The difference in home harbours, both in the country and abroad, can make an exchange or collaboration a very interesting prospect.

The Suncoast Yacht Pool brings you together. Whether you then decide to man your ships together and/or separately is up to you.

If someone is interested in your yacht, you are given information on the other party and can then decide whether or not you wish to make contact. Your privacy is guaranteed. Only when both parties have indicated that they are interested in one another's ship/navigation area will Suncoast pass on the e-mail addresses of both parties. Subsequent agreements then fall outside the responsibility or involvement of Suncoast.

E-mail service

Participants can make use of the e-mail service. With the information and preferences you provide, new registrations are screened every day and you automatically receive an e-mail when a registration comes in that meets your preferences. 


Participation is open to all owners of ships and yachts that have access to the Internet and an e-mail address. As a participant, you register your own ship or yacht via the registration form. We recommend that you send a photograph of your vessel along with the registration form. On the form you can also mention your personal wishes and experiences and describe the vessel you are looking for.

Register Today and Increase your Sailing Pleasure.

Registrations and deregistrations are updated daily. During the time you are registered, you can make unlimited use of the services provided. 
Suncoast Yacht Pool reserves the right to reject registrations that conflict with its objectives. After your registration has been received, you will receive your personal access code.

If you are interested, please contact us.
You can reach us by telephone ++31 (0)6- or by using the
registration form.