Suncoast Yachtmanagement

You have a ship so that you can enjoy sailing, the freedom it brings you, the wonders of nature and the elements. Not because you wanted to take a second job. Apart from all the things you like doing yourself or arranging, keeping your yacht reliably operational can be a time-consuming challenge.

We have made it our job to make sure that you can optimally enjoy your yacht without having to give up your free time managing it. Towards this end, we work with a select group of experts. Specialists that have earned respect in each of the different areas of attention. 

When you call on the services of Suncoast Yacht Management, it usually does not entail any extra costs. The income is generated from discounts given by those doing the work, all of whom see Suncoast Yacht Management as an important professional client.

We advise on, organise and manage: 

* Maintenance
* Purchasing
* the Supervision of building activities 
* Financing 
* Registration 

We can only give you a general impression here. But all assignments and programmes are always carried out and delivered tailored to your wishes. You determine exactly what we do.

The Clean Ship Service

Before you come aboard and/or when you leave the ship, we take over the housekeeping duties from you. This can be as extensive as you wish. 

For example:
* the deck is scrubbed,
* the bar is mopped, 
* the toilet facilities are cleaned and freshened, 
* the linen is washed and 
* the washing up is done.
* drinking water and fuel are replenished,
* the refrigerator is restocked and 
* the champagne and caviar are made ready.

You come aboard and can start to enjoy your time there immediately - sailing your yacht.

Periodic Technical Maintenance    ^ Top ^

With the periodic inspections conducted by Suncoast Yachting, you can confidently toss the mooring lines ashore and enjoy your ship without worry. Electronics, hydraulics, pumps, motors, propulsion, sails, winches, lines - an inspection and maintenance schedule is set up and carried out on everything so that you can be guaranteed a problem-free sailing season without setbacks due to equipment wear or maintenance not done. 
Your safety gear is also closely scrutinised and inspected each year in accordance with the highest standards. So you will always meet the newest safety requirements!

We can also take care of maintaining paint coatings, teakwood decks, anti-fouling coats, etc. 

Refits and Major Maintenance

The upgrade to current standards

* from the installation of a GPS to the design and replacement of the electrical system.
* from drafting a new sailing plan to installing a new motor or generator
* from an extra helm position to a new automatic helmsman.

Leave it to Suncoast Yachting and you'll never pay too much for excellent quality.

Purchasing    ^ Top ^

The purchase of a new or used yacht is time-consuming and a complex matter. Assisted by the independent professionals of Suncoast Yachting, it all becomes much simpler, you avoid being disappointed and steer clear of unexpected costs.
You can instruct us to look for the yacht that is just right for you. So you only have to review the yachts we find, all of which will fully meet your wishes. We do all the preparatory work for you. Our search will cover the entire continent of Europe.
Yacht experts evaluate and certify the ship of your choice both technically and for the preferred sailing characteristics. They also come up with a recommended price and operating budget.

Financing    ^ Top ^

Our collaboration with different nationally and internationally operating financial institutions that have experience in financing yachts makes it possible to offer you interesting financing formulas, including the possibility of VAT reduction/liability transfer.
Combined with our services in the area of Yacht-sharing and chartering, we find the best cost-effective solutions for you. 

Working with you, we draft a budget that fits your means and meets your wishes.

Registration   ^ Top ^

Which flag do you want to fly under? What are the advantages, the possibilities and the consequences?
Where will your home harbour be? How should you protect your yacht?
The specialised lawyers and financial experts of Suncoast Yachting will give you answers to these and other questions.

The actual administrative red tape for registration and certification, the surveys, the adaptations that have to be made. We take care of it all within the periods set and agreements made.

Supervision of Building Activities     ^ Top ^

In order to be assured of the delivery of a perfect quality, custom-built yacht on time, it is prudent to choose an ever-present independent supervisor. It begins with a critical second opinion on the design, the inspection of the drawings, both technical and practical.
Help in choosing the right shipyard with a solvency report and in choosing insurance policies.

With the deployment of our experts, we offer you:

Quality on time and

Considerable personal attention to meet all your wishes.

Contact us for a feasibility study.